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Design Services

Artwork & Accessories

Purchase New



Commission Artwork

Window Treatments





Home Staging

Home Staging for Resale and Parties

Wall Treatments

Color Selections

Paint Techniques




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Interior Design Consultation


My projects range from small to large, from renovations to building new.  I am here to help you find the right contractor, architect or simply brainstorm with you to aid in your decisions about what is best for your lifestyle and home.  I have a strong focus on detail for each project, which is individually tailored to create a beautiful interior.

Kitchen & Bathroom Designs

New Kitchen or New Bathroom with Custom Details

Refresh/Redo Existing Kitchen or Bathroom

With the help of Cindy Lynch, we are able to design a new kitchen or bathroom with custom or semi-custom cabinetry.  On an hourly basis, our focus is to create an updated, better functioning space for today's world.  Cindy is an asset to have when making careful selections and assisting in coordinating all the appropriate information to the builder or contractor on the job.

Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Assist with Patio Furniture Selections and Fabrics

Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics

Floor Selections

Custom Rugs





Furniture Selections & Placement

I can help you re-use existing furniture in a way that is conducive to your space as well as purchase or build new furniture.  Attention to detail on scale, pillow accents and placement is key.  Fabric selections can be made easier with the many choices and levels of quality I will bring to the table, whether the project is high end OR kid friendly.  All environments and their end use are considered in the selection and placement of furniture.

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